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Upcoming Attempt To Break Guinness World Record In Vermilion

Photo credit: Darlene Crawford

On October 8, at the Vermilion Provincial Park area resident, Darlene Crawford, will attempt setting a new world record in the Guinness Book for the longest kayak/canoe parade on water. The feat will require the assistance of approximately 200 others, and Crawford is actively seeking participants, and volunteers. Registration will take place from 9 - 11 a.m. “The liability insurance is in place, and some of the emergency services have been contacted in the area. Volunteers can assist with registration, staging area, assisting the watercrafts to get into and exit the launch area, parking assistance and we welcome anyone who would like to help and be involved in challenging this World Record!” said Crawford. She went on to say that people are encouraged to help celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving by spending time with family and friends in the “beautiful” Vermilion Provincial Park, having their watercraft inspected, and paddling on a “cool” body of water, all while breaking a Guinness World Record! The area is not foreign to holding records, but it will be the first in the area of its style. In 2013, Lakeland College students set one in Vermilion for the Largest Toboggan going over 100 m, and in 1987 set one for the most people riding on a toboggan (132). “Why not set another record for Vermilion,” said volunteer Jim Storch who agrees that the attempt will promote the Town of Vermilion, the Vermilion Provincial Park, the Vermilion River, and the Guinness Book of World Records. “The more, the merrier if we can smash the current record, it will be harder to achieve for any other group. We are hoping for people with kayaks and canoes from Vegreville to Lloydminster and Bonnyville to Wainwright. After registration, we’ll head out to the water and go for a tour which will head out on a counter-clockwise fashion out the west and do a U-turn at the bird watch tower and back again. Being a parade we hope people will dress up and have fun, but keep in mind water safety and have your proper gear; especially your life jacket,” said Storch. For more information, you can visit ‘The Kayak Canoe Parade Challenge to Break the Guinness World Record’ on Facebook or email

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