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Fuel Good Day

Cornerstone Co-op Vermilion Gar Bar hosted Fuel Good Day on September 18, raising $1022 for Vermilion Allied Arts. Hundreds of customers attended, filling up their tanks in support of the local community group and enjoyed a free coffee throughout a portion of the day. Volunteers included staff, members of Allied Arts, community volunteers, and even the Mayor. New Manager, Blair Molsberry, was thrilled with the support after only a few weeks in his new position. Molsberry recently moved from Humbolt, Saskatchewan and is looking forward to bringing his family to Vermilion because he thinks they will enjoy it. “We did a lot of research and chose Vermilion because we like town life, and it is a well-kept community. I am looking forward to meeting our Co-op members as well as everyone else! I am also looking forward to being involved in local sports organizations and community events as much as I can. Fuel Good Day is Western Canada wide and raises funds and awareness for local groups. It’s great that Vermilion has an Allied Arts Council because not every town this size has a group to focus on bringing these types of entertainment to the community. Thank you to everyone for coming out and helping us to do the best we can,” said Molsberry. Vermilion Allied Arts had executive Pat Calyniuk, and volunteer Sandra Sturton take part in Fuel Good Day. Calyniuk said that the proceeds would help to support their upcoming series because ticket prices do not begin to cover the cost of performers. “We try to provide a wide array of music and shows for all ages. Wanting to be able to keep the ticket prices as cheap as we can, we are always looking for sponsors. Our Co-op is dedicated to our community, and we are very fortunate to have been selected. We are very grateful to them for sponsoring this day to us, and to the people who came out to support it,” said Calyniuk.

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