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National Newspaper Week

This National Newspaper Week, Canadians are being asked to show their support for the news media industry. October 1, 2018 – Today marks the start of National Newspaper Week and the launch of a new campaign to rally Canadians’ support for newspaper journalism—and the in-depth, credible, independent reporting that newspapers provide. The campaign, dubbed #NowMoreThanEver, is inviting Canadians to show their support for the news media industry at the newly launched “The role of newspapers has never been so crucial,” said Bob Cox, chair of the board of directors of News Media Canada, the national association that represents Canadian newspapers. “Every day, newspapers work to bring Canadians from coast to coast to coast real, trusted, truthful news—which is as vital to democracy as clean air, safe streets, good schools and public health.” Recent research conducted last year found that 63 per cent of Canadians were unable to distinguish between legitimate news websites and fake news stories, and 65 per cent of Canadians are worried that false information or fake news is being used as a weapon. Access to truthful news is under threat. For years, the credible, independent news reporting that newspapers provide has been funded by local and national advertiser support. But as readership moved online, Canadian brands and companies moved their advertising dollars to global conglomerates: 70 per cent of Canada’s online ad revenue goes to Facebook and Google—despite the fact that ads in either digital or print newspapers are the most trusted of all ad formats. “Newspapers do not have a readership problem,” explains Cox, who points to recent research that shows that 8 in 10 Canadians—and 85 per cent of millennials—still read a newspaper every week. This National Newspaper Week, Canadians are asked to simply sign a pledge of support at and send a message—to Canadian businesses, advertisers, to all levels of government, to newspaper journalists and all Canadians—that newspapers matter, now more than ever. The campaign includes print and digital ads running in newspapers across the country and is extending into social media, with a call-to-action that invites newspaper readers to share a photo of themselves with their favourite paper on their social channels—using #NewspapersMatter and #NowMoreThanEver. National Newspaper Week in Canada runs from October 1 to October 7, 2018.

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