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‘The Highly Effective Driving Instructor’

Senior Instructor of the St. Paul Driving School, Volny Dorceus, has recently published a book titled, ‘The Highly Effective Driving Instructor.’ The book details the keys to successful driver training by examining personality types of customers and instructors, the value of a customer, and safety. “When we talk to customers we have to understand them as well; whether it is students, parents, or anyone who calls you. Some people are easier to work with than others, and I feel this book will help other instructors better understand their clients,” said Dorceus. Living in Canada for 17 years, he has been instructing drivers for 11 years, and also studied personality types in Atlanta, Georgia. “That was the piece that was missing. Whether at home or at work, understanding people can help you work better with them; getting clues by the way they talk and act,” said Dorceus. Over the years he’s done different jobs but enjoys working with people the most. “There is more joy and energy in it; I am people oriented. I was born in Haiti, and there, we help each other out. I’ve found here that farmers help one another out, especially in the harvest season. We have a lot in common,” added Dorceus. In his book, Dorceus describes how everyone prefers different learning methods and that some require more practice. “Everybody is different, and you don’t want to offend them when you work with them. They don’t want to be that way - they are just wired differently. Some people are cautious by nature; some learn first and show confidence after, and some show confidence first and aptitude after. When you have a dominant parent with a child that takes time to learn; it’s not their fault, you just have to have patience and remind them. I have three children, and every one of them is wired differently. The model I used is what I needed. This book can assist with understanding how your child is wired. Once you understand them, it is easier to work with them. You can use it for home, relationships, or any profession,” said Dorceus. According to him, there aren’t enough instructors for rural areas in Alberta. If you don’t mind driving, have patience, and like helping people, Dorceus suggests that maybe you could help the industry. “I never thought that I would be doing this, little own write a book about it,” said Dorceus. St. Paul Driving School has been serving Vermilion and area since 2010. To order a book, or for more information, you can call 780-646-0055 or 780-806-9289.

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