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Livestock Watering Workshop

Left: County of Vermilion River ALUS Program Coordinator, Chris Elder at the Livestock Watering Workshop in Vermilion on October 13.

Right:Jason Wright, describing Cap Solar products at the Livestock Watering Workshop. Photos Angela Mouly

The County of Vermilion River hosted a Livestock Watering Workshop at the Lakeland College Research Centre in Vermilion on October 13. The workshop was a collaboration between partners including the County of Vermilion River, ALUS Canada, the County of Minburn, Lakeland College, The Battle River Watershed Alliance, and the Vermilion River Watershed Alliance. Speakers discussed riparian management, funding opportunities, and technologies available. Seeing what options were available, area producers had the opportunity to ask questions and network with vendors. With winter around the corner, the advanced technologies showed improvements on how to keep water accessible. Chris Elder, ALUS Program Coordinator for the County of Vermilion River, thanked the partners and introduced speakers including Jason Wright and Joe Holt from CAP Solar, Marvin Jackson from Sundog Solar, Jim Anderson from Frost Free Nose Pumps, and Greg O’Hare from Go Technologies. “All of our partners focus on the management of riparian areas due to their importance and production, and find ways to protect them through the use of fencing and watering systems. Both in the yard and on rural pasture locations, these management processes can improve cattle health by decreasing foot rot and increasing average daily gain by improving the water quality,” said Elder. For more information, you can contact Chris Elder at 780-853-7844 or email

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