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Tim & The Glory Boys

The audience was full of cheer and giving as the Parkview Alliance Church hosted Tim & The Glory Boys in Vermilion on October 10. During their third visit to Vermilion, the band performed the Buffalo Roadshow. Playing old and new country songs, they incorporated some of their earlier bluegrass and gospel music. Many were awed to see videos of the bands recent work with World Vision in Uganda. With members of the band coming from Abbotsford, British Columbia and Manitoba, it only seemed natural for them to host a hockey game while they were serving abroad. The band then met with people at ‘ground zero’ of the refugee crisis at a camp of approximately 300,000 people fleeing southern Sudan. At another camp they witnessed approximately 60 people being unloaded from a truck after a six-week standing journey and processed as families, children, and orphans. “After facing civil war, it’s the kind of horror that we can’t wrap our minds around in North America. Three grown men were trying to grapple more human suffering than anyone should ever endure,” said lead singer, Tim Neufeld. Throughout the intermission, people had the opportunity to sponsor children in East Africa, and when he returned to the stage, Neufeld said, “I love Vermilion!” According to tour manager, Mark Loewen, their new record is amazing and filled with new sound, family values, and faith. Parkview Alliance Administrator, Lori Carlson said, “It’s excellent to have this group here; they are so down to earth, and we really enjoy them.” The multi-instrumentalists went on to entertain the crowd with music and humour, and even serenaded them, taking requests.

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