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The Copper Cork Distillery – Coming To Vermilion

The development permit has been approved for The Copper Cork Distillery on Main Street in Vermilion. Partners Todd Ree, Rod Fadden, Randy Fadden, and Tom Hartwell are brimming with excitement as their new venture gets underway. “I think my whole life I’ve been living up to this. It is perfect; there is a blend of science and artistry, with a huge component of social interaction. I love the simplicity and the details,” said Ree who has his certificate of completion from a Master Distiller’s Course. The group will be spending the next months building and shopping for equipment, as well as acquiring permits and licences from all levels of government. They will primarily be making vodka, gin, and eventually whisky (but it will have to be casked for three years), and possibly rum. The group is looking forward to creating trademark flavours as well as offering tastings and tours of their facility. “Rod, Randy, and Tom want to create something unique in Vermilion, and are really looking forward to promoting our products on the road through farmer’s markets, tastings, etc.,” said Ree. According to Ree, as much as alcohol can have a devastating effect on people and families, human civilization has been associated with alcohol for over 10,000 years. He said that it offers a relaxation that people can incorporate into every kind of celebration and added, “Of course, it’s all about moderation. Being a small town, farming community we want to create an image encapsulating anything from work boots to suits. We intend to use as much local product (wheat and barley) as possible. The production of spirits is a value added enterprise for agriculture,” said Ree. The group hopes to begin construction later this year, and be open in 2019.

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