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Mary Anne Machin – Retirement

From left, Her three longest coworkers Branden Smart, Karen Brown, and Linda Mohns, with Mary Anne Machin at her Retirement Party on November 16.

Western Financial in Vermilion hosted a Retirement Party for Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (C.A.I.B.), Mary Anne Machin on November 16.

Machin has been working in insurance for the past 39 years, and enjoyed the afternoon of visiting with long-time customers and past coworkers.

“I’m trying not to feel sad because I am quite excited about the next step,” said Machin.

Machin started her career in insurance with MacMillan Brimacombe in 1979, continued with Landmark Insurance Ltd. In 1982, and then Clarke Insurance Services Ltd. in 1988. She became licenced for general insurance in 1982, and received her C.A.I.B. designation in 1992. Throughout the years, Machin noted that she had acquired over 70 coworkers.

“My customers and my coworkers are number one; you are what kept me here,” said Machin.

Many stopped in to thank her for her years of service, and enjoyed coffee and homemade cake. Machin also reminisced over photos of several work and community engagement events.

A scrapbook from fellow staff included kind words saying, “She’s like the ‘mom’ to the office, always doing little extras; she’s always smiling, helpful, hardworking, cheerful, courteous, and polite; such a wonderful person full of fun and laughter; a real treat and such a caregiver who embraces life, very professional in her position, a great mentor to have; always makes you feel warm inside, very knowledgeable and always goes the extra length for her clients; spunky, feisty and full of fun; supportive and reliable; full of inner strength.”

“We were always like a family in here,” said Machin in response of her coworkers at Western Financial.

Mary Anne Machin with her past co-worker since 1992, Eileen Cholowski. Photos Angela Mouly

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