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Self Centred Yoga & Wellness - Grand Opening

Dignitaries, family, and friends gathered to celebrate the Grand Opening of Self Centred Yoga & Wellness in Vermilion on December 5. The new business is located at 4819 - 47 Avenue, and guests were treated to a tour and information about their services. Chelsea and Courtney Bessette will be offering body talk, yoga, doula support, and are looking to hire a massage therapist. “We’re so happy to be here, and to have your support,” said Courtney. The sisters have been in the area for 11 years and have always wanted to open their own business. The practices help with loosening muscles and detoxification, and when the owners realized the difference that wellness had made in their own lives, they wanted to be able to offer it to others. “With our business name, we wanted to go with a name that put self first; and we encourage changing the way we look at self care. What is important to everyone is different along with their needs,” said Chelsea. Their business mission statement is community/support/empowerment. During the ribbon cutting ceremony the Town of Vermilion presented them with a plaque and Mayor, Caroline McAuley said, “At work I always talk about the importance of strength as we age, and this is something all ages can participate in. It teaches us strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. It is exciting to have some young entrepreneurs find a niche to create a business.”

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