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Charlie Jacobson Ignites Folk Club

Charlie Jacobson charming the Vermilion Folk Club with soulful music on December 8. Photo Angela Mouly

The audience was riveted during Charlie Jacobson’s performance for the Vermilion Folk Club at the Legion on December 8. Jacobson’s catchy tunes included new tracks from his upcoming album ‘Draw’, past albums (Alberta Flood, Travelin’, and Muddy Water Blues); as well as covers of Bobby Blue Bland, John Lee Hooker, and B.B. King. His sideburns, and silk embroidered shirt helped display a classic style far beyond his age. His upbeat collection and gleaming smile kept the audience entertained throughout the evening. “I’m having a great time here in Vermilion! I’d like to thank Andy Hamilton for playing bass, and Denis Frigon for playing drums,” said Jacobson who has been playing professionally for the past eight years. Jacobson said that he has been playing blues/roots/R&B music all his life, but began making a living at it at 18 years old by backing up old blues singers. He is thankful for their influence on him, but loves having the opportunity to run his own show. “It’s a great experience to express our new songs and share the love of music and dancing!” said Jacobson. Solid guitar licks doesn’t really begin to cover it as he may have played a few chords with his teeth, as well as over his head. His dancing and grooving kept everyone’s attention, while his soulful voice and mad guitar skills satisfied their ears. Vermilion Folk Club vice president, Merle Thomson said, “I was looking forward to seeing him again, as I had heard him before at Come By The Hills. It was Excellent!” For more information or to purchase music, you can visit and click on the links, or visit Spotify or Itunes.

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