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Critters Captivate Vermilion

Over 400 people attended the CFCW Critters vs. Buffalo Coulee Sabres hockey game in Vermilion on January 10, raising $9,100. Chair of the Recreation Board in Vermilion, Kevin Martin said, “It was a surprise to have a team step up and support the Town and thanks to Russ Cameron for taking the initiative to organize the event.” “This was an exciting way to kick off the fundraising campaign for the ice plant - facility enhancement project. A big thanks to the amazing volunteers, and to the community for supporting it,” said Mayor, Caroline McAuley. Cassie Cameron sang O’ Canada, and Mayor Caroline McAuley participated in the official puck drop. From there, several guest players helped out the Buffalo Coulee Sabres in their battle against the Critters. The Critter himself was joined by fellow CFCW staff and friends as well as guest, Vermilion’s own Brenynn McDonald. An entertaining game ensued with antics of all kinds; including Carter Myhovich receiving a pie in the face after scoring the first goal of the game. The audience was fixed on the ice trying to keep up with all of the tricks, and Critters interacted, even making their way through the stands. After the first period, a game of Find The Critter was played; and after the second period a Cornerstone Co-op Turkey Toss was held as well as an audience shootout. Demonstrations were also given by two of the Vermilion Skating Club’s synchro teams. There was a 50/50 draw and several silent auction items. Overall, everyone was thrilled with the opportunity to see the Critters play, and help raise funds for the community. “All the money we raise stays right here in town. Thanks for coming out to support your community. We really enjoyed it,” said emcee Marty Stevens. “There aren’t many teams that want to play us twice! We met the Buffalo Coulee Sabres in Mannville two years ago, and we would like to thank you for hosting us once again. We would be willing to play you anytime,” added AJ Keller.

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