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Unredeemed – Meet The Author

The Vermilion Public Library hosted local author, Dawn Flaata (writing as J M Dolan) during a book reading event on December 10. “It’s lovely to see people supporting a local author, and lovely to have Dawn here today. Her new book, ‘Unredeemed’ is a really good read,” said Programs Coordinator, Sheila Heit. The book is an intriguing fiction that delves into human trafficking. Readers are able to connect with familiar places noted in Alberta. Flaata was thrilled to have everyone attend and thanked the community for having been so supportive of her, as well as area libraries for providing resources. “My dad was a story teller. Sometimes as a child growing up in that atmosphere, it’s painful,” joked Flaata. “Every time we went around a curve in the road, there was a new story to tell, and we weren’t allowed to interrupt. However, it was an ability, and it was captivating.” Flaata noted that she had been challenged to write in high school, and always had it in the back of her mind. Having spent most of her life in Vermilion, she took over the family business and raised three children. “We all lose track of things we want to do. I thought, ‘It’s a big project, and I’m not trained to do this,’” said Flaata. She didn’t know where to start, and said that she began in the middle by writing only one page and working outwards from there. “Everybody has a different way of writing,” added Flaata. She went on to note her challenges, and thank family and friends for their assistance as well as her editor. Her daughter took the photograph used on the cover of the book. “Nancy helped me out a lot. She made me fight for my story. It was a great learning experience,” said Flaata.

To purchase 'Unreedeemd,' you can visit

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