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The Race Of Vermilion

Hundreds of participants and volunteers took part in the Race of Vermilion hosted by The Good Life Institute on March 16. Teams of four tried their best to complete 20 challenges and 10 detours each along two different circuits throughout the day. Items included scaling walls, wiring electrical, song and dance, yoga, archery, mini golf, tax preparation, and more. Participants were able to utilize their talents and encourage one another. “We were super excited and had been preparing for a while,” said the Yahooligans. “The Race of Vermilion is super fun. It gives you different unique challenges to try and be creative and pulls on each of your strengths. It also gives you a chance to see what’s out there; we all come shopping here now,” said the Mazing Moms. With teams travelling from all over, Mayor Caroline McAuley welcomed everyone and encouraged them to bring back many memories from Vermilion. At the end of the day, competitors and volunteers met at the Vermilion Regional Centre for a roast beef meal, and awards. Winners of the 2019 Race of Vermilion were the Knights Spraying team. After a dance off the best dressed team were the Mazing Moms, and after a hungry-hungry hippo game the spirit award went to the Bad Moms.

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