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Lakeland College - Beef Day

Lakeland College research, commercial, and purebred teams highlighted their year’s work as they hosted a beef show and sale on March 22. Having worked as part of the Student Managed Farm (SMF) powered by New Holland, research student Setlic Bishop said, “SMF represents an extensive commercial herd in the area, and our overall experience included learning about different grazing strategies and research trials.” The research team sold five bred heifers with residual feed intake data that were selected based on their hip height and uniformity. According to Lakeland College Animal Science Instructor and faculty advisor for the research herd, Amy Stanley, Beef Day helps to build the relationships between the industry and Lakeland College students. “It is important to have that connection because that’s what these students are here for; to get involved in the industry. Because the students are managing these herds they get to take ownership of the sale.” Nikita Lantz was thankful for the experience and opportunity to make a name for Lakeland College. Commercial teammate Sarah Byrne was thankful to have had the opportunity to network and gain industry connections as well as the opportunity to show off their accomplishments after working on their heifers all year. “Beef Day is fabulous because it is a student run sale,” said Michelle Duckworth. During the 6th Annual Beef Day Dean of Agricultural Sciences, Josie Van Lent, concluded, “The animals looked really good and were displayed nicely. The weather turned out and we are super proud of the cooperation of the teams.”

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