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Johnny Cash Tribute

Approximately 200 people had a blast at the David James and Big River – Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings Tribute on March 28, at the Vermilion Regional Centre. Phil Hagen - drummer and Willie Nelson/Kris Kristofferson vocalist, Allen Metcalf - lead electric guitarist, and backup vocalist and road manager Todd Sacerty added to the show. The musicians cranked out hit after hit and David James interacted and tossed guitar picks into the audience. Audience member Evelyn Webb said, “I very much liked the show, both the Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings portions.” Immediately following the show, she said she could listen to it again. James played lively music and memorable songs such as ‘A Boy Named Sue’ and told accurate innuendos. He even rocked two harmonicas during his rendition of the ‘Orange Blossom Special’. After receiving a standing ovation, James returned to the stage and said, “I won’t leave you; it was just getting fun!” He then had the audience singing along during ‘Ring of Fire’ “It was so much fun, almost like a Zen experience. If you are playing in a band or doing something you really love it’s like time doesn’t exist. It’s what keeps you young. Having our friend Crabby Mike here was really special; Crabby Productions always does a good job,” said Phil Hagen. “Thank you so much Vermilion! God bless you and goodnight,” said James.

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