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Rotary Music Festival

The Vermilion & District Rotary Music Festival Association held their 2019 Festival from March 25 - 29, with a Final Concert at Parkview Alliance Church on March 31. Participants from all over the region participated in piano, strings, as well as speech and vocal arts. Adjudicators Dr. Bianca Baciu, Adele Bosse – Morgan, and Adam Robertson gave participants compliments and constructive criticism for each performance. “Congratulations to all of you on your preparation for your concert performances. It is a family affair today, which is fabulous!,” said adjudicator, Adele Bosse – Morgan. She went on to encourage the youth noting their confidence and steady tempo, and suggested exercises and working on what their bow is doing by way of distribution or speed for consistency and preparing their third finger ahead of time for violin solos. Each performer received certificates and many awards were presented throughout the week. “We applaud the performers for their diligence and perseverance. We also acknowledge the parents and teachers who set the stage, enabling our youth to experience the pursuit of excellence in their chosen disciplines,” said president, Keri Pullyblank.

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