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Rotary Garage Sale

Hundreds of people attended the 2019 Rotary Garage Sale in search of gently used treasures. Community members donated the products ahead of time, and others came to shop for furniture, household items, as well as books or games that were of interest. Prior to the sale chairperson, Brenda Lee, pep-talked the many volunteers and the excitement was shared between everyone at the sale. Representatives from the school greeted guests, and the first $5,000 raised was donated to the St. Jerome’s Inclusive Playground. “All proceeds from the sale stay in the community. Recent Rotary donations included $100,000 to the Vermilion Valley Lodge, spray park contributions, as well as Vermilion Heritage Museum and cadet flooring,” said Brenda Lee. Throughout the weekend, thousands of items found new homes and the remaining items were sent to other community organizations. Guests went on to enjoy food provided by the Vermilion Heritage Museum, as well as visiting with the many community members at the Rotary Garage Sale.

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