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SingularityU 2019 Canada Summit

Lakeland College hosted satellite events in Vermilion and Lloydminster on April 23, allowing people the opportunity to find out more about the future of technology around the world. Alice Wainwright-Stewart, Lakeland College President and CEO said that speaker, Dr. Taddy Blecher, shared concrete information about what they are doing in South Africa. “They are rethinking the current education system and setting up a learning environment based on the development of the whole person. What they did was implement brain based learning and leveraged technology. Thinking out of the box they were able to take students who would have never had the opportunity and now had the chance to succeed, becoming CEO’s of different companies. Technology is so amazing right now, and through the use of technology, we can do things that we couldn’t 20 years ago,” said Wainwright Stewart. She noted that post secondary educators should be focussing on a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. She also expressed that overall during the conference there were some really cool things presented on virtual reality by a music composer, artificial intelligence, and robotics. “There are people who believe that once you are born that’s all you can do (fixed). Studies have shown that is not always the case. Every individual child is brilliant; we just have to find where their passions and talents lie. The speakers in this summit are looking way beyond our human imagination. By creating unlikely partnerships, the unthinkable is maybe not beyond our potential,” said Wainwright-Stewart.

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