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Tire Angel

Mike and Andrée Sheedy from Derwent shared a local kind service report, naming Danny Farkash a guardian angel. “While heading into Lloydminster last week, we had a tire blow out on our trailer on Highway 16 near Range Road 42. I had no tools and no spare, so we unhooked the trailer and left it on the side of the road,” said Mike. The couple drove back to Derwent to retrieve tools and a spare tire and returned a couple of hours later. As they pulled in, the trailer was still there, so they backed in to hook it up. “A gentleman heading westbound turned around and said, ‘Seeing an older gentleman, I stopped to check and see that you were okay.’ He couldn’t see the tire or why we needed help at the time. The nuts were seized on, and there is no way I could have gotten them off,” added Mike. The couple noted that Danny Farkash not only took the initiative to turn around and pull over, but to proceed to go retrieve more tools from another truck and continue helping them. “He changed our spare and sent us on our way and we felt that he should get recognition. It was raining a little bit, and the ground was wet. It was just amazing! He was a guardian angel as far as I was concerned. Without his assistance, we would have had to get it towed,” said Andrée. The couple went on to say that the local businessman, (Noralta Farms Ltd.) had given them a piece of his latest product – fence posts that never deteriorate. According to the Sheedy’s they are made from hay bale wrap which is made to withstand the sun.

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