• Reporter Angela Mouly

Vermilion 4-H Sheep Show

Oodles of cuddly sheep entered the ring as the Vermilion 4-H Sheep Club held their Annual Achievement Day on July 23, at the Vermilion Agricultural Grounds. With their club slogan, “small but mighty,” club members showed off their hard work throughout the year as they showed their well groomed sheep and goats. “I really loved showing as a senior member. Sometimes watching a younger child you have helped succeed is more exciting than succeeding yourself. Spending time with club members throughout the year, they become like family,” said Kaylie Krys in previous years. Representatives thanked the judge, sponsors, and the volunteers. “I like all the things the 4-H Sheep Club taught me including responsibility, public speaking, making friendships, showcasing accomplishments with our animals, and how to have fun!” said Madison Ferguson in previous years.

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