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The Machine Shop

The Machine Shop is now open at 4021 52 Avenue in Vermilion and is the first company to offer water jet services in the community. Owner Connor Grieve has been working in the industry for 15 years, is dual ticketed and offers designing, machining, and welding. “I can cut anything up to six inches on the water jet including wood, tile, granite, glass and metals including aluminum and stainless steel,” said Grieve. Unlike many machinists, he doesn’t turn dials and is able to run all of his equipment including a CNC mill and CNC lathe with computers. This in turn allows him to overlap work on different machines, by checking the screens or completing paperwork while he waits. For convenience and safety, Grieve engineered the layout of his equipment so that he can be within 15 steps of each machine at all times. He has always been interested in making things even as a child, and is thrilled that so far The Machine Shop is serving customers within a two hour radius of Vermilion. “Vermilion is a nice central hub and the shop has a perfect location. I like that there is a taste of everything including designing parts with different threads, seals or surfaces; I’m like a modern day blacksmith!” said Grieve. Grieve designs and manufactures everything from decorative fire pits and signs to oilfield equipment and parts. He looks forward to attending local events in the future to showcase the possibilities. For more information you can call 780-292-4552 or follow @themachineshop on Instagram.

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