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Co-op Liquor Store - Now Open

Cornerstone Co-op opened their fourth liquor store in Vermilion on July 25. Other locations exist in St. Paul, Elk Point, and Wainwright. “We are happy to have the opportunity to provide employment and continue a service in the community that was going to be closing,” said Director of Operations, Kory Kralkay. They look forward to offering more locally supplied product as well as samples from their Growler craft beer bar. “Every craft beer we offer is from Alberta and is not something you can get in six packs. Some of our liqueurs include product from a past CFL player from Viking area, as well as other local and area product from Cold Lake, Red Deer, and Innisfail,” said Manager, Thomas Knowles. The kegs are kept cold and customers can sample their choice ale and IPA selections and purchase 1L or 2L reusable containers. “The craft beer market is a growing commodity. Co-op label beers are brewed by Big Rock brewery in Calgary and our Co-op spirits (rum, rye, gin, etc.) are bottled by Minhas distillery which is a Calgary-owned company as well,” said Kory Kralkay. They plan to host a grand opening in mid September, and look forward to serving the community over the coming months. Exciting opportunities available exclusively at Cornerstone Co-op Liquor Store will include a wine club with monthly wine tastings where participants will learn product knowledge, and go over pairings with grocery items beginning this fall. “Sometimes it depends on what you feel like,” said Knowles who has taken two wine certification courses and has been working in the industry for over 25 years. His experience leads him to look for rated product for an affordable price. They plan to offer a boutique style that may not be found in other locations, and they look forward to supporting local community charity events in the future. For more information you can visit the store at 201-4121 51 street or call 780-854-7656.

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