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YSS - Now Open

YSS Cannabis retail location opened their doors for business in Vermilion at 4121 - 51 Street on August 8. Vice President of Operations, Tony Balakas said, “We have product that suits everyone; from people that have never tried it to very high potency, top-shelf oils and flower.” Currently they offer cannabis in dried flower or pre-rolled joints, as well as cannabis oil in pure CBD oil or capsule form. Their pre-rolled joints come in various pack sizes, and they also carry consumption methods including pipes, bongs, vaporizers and one-hitters. YSS looks forward to December when they will be able to offer edibles, extracts, and vape pens. Customers can explore tablets and speak to staff about what products are a good fit for them. “YSS is a very approachable brand. Our brand is based in discovery and people should feel safe coming in. We have a great team and are focussed on the customer experience,” said Balakas. Local staff member, Micky Ravanello said, “It’s great seeing such a progressive company in Vermilion. They make it such an educational experience. It is important to break some of the stigma around recreational, legal cannabis. Here at YSS, we believe that every journey starts with a discovery. This is the destination to come if you want to learn. I’ve learned so much about the history of cannabis, the science and how it affects the body. We are here to educate people and have fun with it.” YSS Vermilion provided access to AGLC safety information, and hosted a pop-up with Aurora on August 9. They plan to continue hosting different information sessions in the future and Balakas added, “We want to give back to the communities that we are in. We love this town so far; all of the people seem super welcoming!” In addition, their Vegreville location opened on August 10, and Lloydminster location will open on August 15.

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