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PPC - Meet & Greet

People’s Party of Canada Lakeland Riding Candidate, Alain Houle, hosted a Meet & Greet at the Mannville Recreation Centre on August 29. “We had small numbers last night at the Meet & Greet but I was encouraged by the awareness and interest of those that attended. My task will be to educate the Lakeland Riding of the new party and how the policies/leadership Maxime Bernier has put forward encompasses true conservatism and are what the Lakeland Riding/Alberta/Canada need at this time. I believe in these policies. My message is this: As Canadians, we have a serious responsibility to inform and educate ourselves on the political issues affecting our lives & country and hold our elected officials responsible. This is a different election. It seems we have been continually voting someone out and voting against. The intent of our will and our vote is in the negative. I want to encourage you to vote in the positive this fall. Vote for someone, a party, an idea. Do your research. Educate yourself and vote your convictions. There is another option,” said Houle. For more information, you can visit www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca, or contact PPC Candidate Alain Houle at 587-280-5589.

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