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Co-Op Wine Tasting

Cornerstone Co-Op Liquor Store in Vermilion hosted their first wine tasting on September 6.

Director of Operations, Kory Kralkay welcomed everyone and introduced the Co-op team who helped serve throughout the evening.

Wine consultant, Amy Pilat who lead the tasting is a level two sommelier with 20 years of experience in the industry. From Cold Lake, Pilat attended Vermilion Savor last year and said that she is proud of the rural relationships she has developed.

“You can’t learn without tasting; never judge a wine by its first sip; and never swirl the bubbles,” said Pilat.

Throughout the evening, participants learned to identify visuals including colour and clarity, how wines were made, and where they were from.

“Cornerstone is all about elevating the knowledge of our member so that they can make more informed purchase choices. It’s also a lot of fun to do with your friends on a Friday night! We’ll be hosting these events in Vermilion every month, trying different wines and pairing them with cheese and fruit. Our wine consultant, Amy is available throughout the year - as are our amazing Liquor Store team - to help any of our wine club members make great choices for weddings, dinner parties or a Saturday night on the deck! It’s about expanding our horizons!” said Community Engagement Coordinator, Heather MacMillan.

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