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New Business - Harbrook & Paisley

Harbrook & Paisley, Vermilion’s newest footwear location, will be hosting their Grand Opening at 5003 – 50 Avenue on September 27 – 28. The store is excited to be receiving new brands and styles of footwear for fall almost daily, as well as a selection of winter coats for men and women. According to owner Tanis Cochrane, the idea came about when Craig’s announced that they were closing their doors. It came as quite a shock to the whole community. They wanted to ensure the well known service and quality of products customers had grown accustomed to would continue to be available in their community. “I’ve always loved shoes! Having been in pharmacy for my whole working career, the idea of a change was intriguing. After having worked on my feet all of those years, I can appreciate a really well made, comfortable pair of shoes. And, I love the statement that a great pair of shoes can make. A pair of shoes can be like art; and when you put a great pair on you can feel like a million bucks!” said owner, Tanis Cochrane. Since starting there; she realized how many people have problems with their feet and it has inspired her to try and provide something for everyone. “I am excited to work together with customers and healthcare professionals to try and figure out and fill in where some of the needs may exist for footwear for difficult to fit feet. Having a background in healthcare, I understand how important it is to take care of your feet and comfortable, proper fitting shoes is a large part of that. After having helped a customer who has struggled to find a pair of shoes that fit properly; seeing the sheer delight when they leave the store satisfied is worth the day of work.” Many personal touches make this family business a special place for her to work each day. With the slogan, ‘The Art of Fine Footwear,” they have designed the store in such a way that each brand and each shoe can be showcased individually. Her son Austin built the pedestals used for displays. The logo was designed around a painting that her grandmother had painted of a lady slipper plant when she was a school girl. The lady slipper is Tanis’ favourite flower as they grew wild at her Grandma and Grandpa’s farm when she was young. In addition, the name Harbrook & Paisley is taken from Harper (her Dad’s last name), Brooks (which is her mom’s last name), and Paisley (a town in Scotland where her husband Toland’s great, great, Great-Grandfather was a clockmaker). They have one of his clocks which they hope to display in the store one day. Tanis is looking forward to seeing new faces and reconnecting with friends at her grand opening celebration. Her sales reps have been very generous and donated items for a variety of in store draws during the event. “We have really enjoyed meeting a lot of people from near and far. We are very much looking forward to continuing to serve our community with great products and excellent service into the future,” said Tanis.

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