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Fuel Good Day

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Cornerstone Co-op donated $3,102.65 to Victim Services on Fuel Good Day, September 17. Of that, Battle River Victims Assistance Society in Vermilion will receive $1,034.22. The Battle River Victim Assistance Society provides support, information and appropriate referral to victims of crime, crisis, tragedy and other misfortune; and supports community members in Wainwright, Vermillion, Provost and Kitscoty. “It is important to support them because often, victims of crime experience loss and it’s important to address that while insurance may replace items lost, there’s an impact that crime has that isn’t always addressed. It’s important to Cornerstone Co-op to support an organization that exists to make living in our community better,” said Community Engagement Coordinator Heather MacMillan. “I think it’s a good cause. I look forward to Fuel Good Day every year!” said pump attendant Dennis Reid. According to Gas Bar Coordinator, Blair Molsberry, Fuel Good Day in Vermilion was busy and went over well. “I was very excited with the community support; our morning was 50 per cent busier than normal,” added Molsberry.

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