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Harbrook & Paisley – Grand Opening

Community members and dignitaries gathered at Harbrook & Paisley in Vermilion to celebrate their Grand Opening on September 27 - 28. Chamber of Commerce president, Dave DeVos said, “It’s great to see the growth continuing in downtown Vermilion with entrepreneurs stepping up and the variety they provide.” Customers enjoyed the opportunity to shop for new seasonal footwear and outerwear, as well as the opportunity to enter several draws. Coffee and cupcakes provided by The Red Brick and Something Sweet were also enjoyed as part of the celebration. Guests admired a family heirloom clock crafted in 1835 by William A. Cochrane in Paisley, Scotland that arrived just in time to be on display. Owner Tanis Cochrane enjoyed visiting with guests throughout the weekend. Her parents, sister, niece and friends from afar attended the special event. “Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me during my Grand Opening. Our community has been so encouraging and supportive of me throughout this journey. I want to thank the girls; Lexine, Laurie and Janice who worked so hard alongside me this weekend to help everyone out. Thank you to Sheila Gow who created an absolutely beautiful cake for this event. A thank you to all of our generous representatives who helped to provide product for our in-store draws and congratulations to the lucky winners!” said owner Tanis Cochrane.

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