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VES Wins Recycling Award

Vermilion Elementary School (VES) won $1,000 and a trophy made from recycled beverage containers on October 2.

VES was one of 48 schools who participated in the Alberta Depot’s School Recycling Program. The top 11 schools that reported their container counts each month last year were awarded.

According to principal, Calvin Anhorn, the program diverted 326,458 beverage containers from landfills; and raised $28,846 to be used for numerous activities such as field trips, playground or sports equipment.

“By participating in the Alberta Depot School Recycling Program, VES diverted 31,677 beverage containers from going into landfills. We want to kindly thank the Vermilion Bottle Depot for their service; they come pick up our bottles each week and count them for us. Without their service and help we wouldn’t be able to do this,” said principal Calvin Anhorn.

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