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Let’s Go Lego!

The Vermilion Public Library was full of excitement during the first session of Let’s Go Lego on October 11.

Children from the area were given the theme, ‘bridges’, and had the opportunity to create different things with the Lego pieces provided.

“Children are building the most fantastic things!” said Programs Coordinator Sheila Heit.

The program will include five sessions before Christmas, for children aged 7 – 12 and is usually held on Fridays when there is no school. The program is currently fully booked for the season, and with the level of interest, they are looking at what can be done in the new year.

“I made a machine that can go anywhere; underwater, under the earth’s surface, on land, and it has a parachute for flying!”said Aiden Martin.

“Lego is a stem activity. It incorporates science and technology, and is a way for various age groups to interact. We would like to thank the Friends of the Library for their fundraising efforts, which helped provide for this program,” said Heit.

Overall, the children had a lot of fun and enjoyed the opportunity to be creative.

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