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Hancraft Aeromotive – New Location

Hancraft Aeromotive recently opened their doors for business in Vermilion, offering maintenance and re-build services to light, recreational aircraft. The business has been in operation in the area since 1995, but is now eager to have a maintenance location with runway access at the Vermilion Airport. Renovations are ongoing restoring the old recycling centre back to its original use as an aircraft hangar; and a bi-fold door was just installed to allow airplanes in and out. During the past 34 years of working away, owner Geoff Hancock, has operated all over Western Canada contracting as a pilot and aircraft maintenance engineer on everything from small float planes to large Boeing jets. Looking forward to spending more time at home, he said, “This has always been my hope; I have worked in many different places and I find that the Vermilion area is still my favourite place. I have a passion for small planes and this will allow me to be close to family and friends on an ongoing basis.” He went on to say that aircraft have to be inspected at a minimum of once per year, and that as with any machinery, things break and fail. He also enjoys restoring aircraft back to serviceable condition. “We are here to keep people flying safely. I love to fly and I love to fix airplanes. We are here to provide service and keep the local community flying,” said Hancock. The business is expected to draw people from all over the province. In addition, fuel is expected to be a commodity made available in the future, which will also encourage more air traffic. For more information about Hancraft Aeromotive, you can call 780-520-8854.

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