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Live Music At Copper Cork

The first ever live music was held on December 15, at the Copper Cork Distillery with the Vermilion Folk Club hosting El Niven & the Alibi. “It’s really cozy; almost like you’re in our jam room. Thank you so much for having us,” said Elliott Niven. He went on to say that in some way or another, the duo has been playing together since 2006 when they were children living with their parents. They played mostly originals but included a few outlaw country songs, a cover of a Moody Blues song, and a few 60’s grunge rock covers with a country flare. According to Rod MacMillan, the duo has played this area four times in the past 10 months which is unheard of, and they were sold out within the first 14 hours. An additional set was performed at the Legion that evening in celebration of County of Vermilion River Fire Chief, Orest Popil’s Birthday. “The sound in here was great; it’s a great room for live music. I hope it’s the first of many,” said Rod MacMillan. “They are awesome! As far as live music goes, they are writing their own stuff, and when they do a cover, they do a classic,” said Peter Walsh. With the crowd getting sucked into the angst of the performance and singing along, El Niven & the Alibi received a standing ovation. After a lively performance Elliott Niven said, “That was lit!” Drummer, Jeff Burwash added, “Make sure you keep this Folk Club going; for musicians like us it’s really important.”

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