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The Nutcracker

The Wainwright Dance Academy hosted two performances of their 10th Annual Nutcracker Production at the Alumni Theatre in Vermilion on December 14. Dancers worked together to make the traditional Christmas story come to life. Sparkling smiles filled the stage, and the audience was dazzled by ornate costumes and the dancers’ ability to incorporate several props as they made the journey to the enchanted kingdom. “Their passion for telling the story came through in their performance,” said artistic director and choreographer, Sandy Sundborg. Approximately 50 dancers filled the stage. Sundborg noted that some of the senior girls were fortunate enough to participate as guest artists in the Wanna Dance? Nutcracker Production in Hamilton, Ontario this season. Overall, the audience couldn’t help but be drawn into the story. Their love of dance and Christmas cheer was renewed by watching the incredible performances.

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