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Community Christmas Dinner

The Ron Moses Community Christmas Dinner served 125 in the hall and delivered 66 meals to Innisfree, Minburn, Mannville, Islay and Vermilion making a total of 191.

Vermilion is a very “giving” community. Our family wants to thank everyone who was a part of it this year. Some of our volunteers come year after year while others were new at it. Groups help move things to the hall, set up, cook and serve the food, entertain, do deliveries as well as clean up. We appreciate your help.

A lot of visiting went on, like three people who went to school together 80 years ago got to visit and a brother and sister enjoyed Christmas together with their families. People attended from Armstrong, British Columbia and Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.

People appreciate what we do and we received two cards with messages we want to share with you. One got a delivery said, “Thank you all for making so many Christmas’s less alone feeling,” and another one said “Thank you for sharing the true meaning of Christmas.”

Entertainment was led by the Allen sisters – Marge Steele, Judy Maksymic and Marion Smyth who led the carol singing accompanied by Emily Anderson who also read a poem, ‘Christmas with Jesus.’ Wendy Thompson and Helen King also played the piano for us.

Thank you to the person or people responsible for paying the 2018 grocery bill at McDonald’s.

Also some pills were found in a little bag as people were leaving; if they are yours, give Lynda a call at 780-853-1818.

The Moses family were grateful for all the support making the 24th edition a huge success. We thank God for His continued faithfulness over the years.

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