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‘Cannabis In Our Community’

The Vermilion Public Library hosted a ‘Cannabis in our Community’ event with speakers from local retailers, the RCMP, and mental health representatives on January 23. RCMP Cst. Melanie Michaud, shared the effects of cannabis including altered perceptions of time, distance and speed; difficulty concentrating; short term memory problems; increased heart rate; increased appetite; sedation; and damage to lungs. “Cannabis must be inaccessible to drivers and occupants. When transporting cannabis in a truck it should be in the box, or when in a car it should be in the trunk,” said Cst. Michaud. Peace Officer Chris Fithen spoke about bylaws in Vermilion and suggested for people to consult the local bylaws wherever they go, as they can vary extremely from place to place. Addictions Counsellor, Keily Stetson said, “A substance is something we take that changes the way we think, act, or feel. THC is still a psychoactive drug that is addictive. It is important to discuss the reasons for using cannabis as some people are looking for other ways to achieve the same benefits.” She went on to remind the audience that brains aren’t fully developed until the mid 20’s so suggested putting off cannabis use as a youth. She also warned that with edibles, some people don’t think they work right away and take more than is recommended, resulting in cannabis poisoning. YSS Regional Manager North, Tyler Stevens, came from Red Deer and shared about YSS and what they have to offer. “We have an inviting space developed around travel and discovery. We want to help you find the best product for you. We recommend ‘start low, go slow.’ Essentially we have doubled or tripled what we offer since last year. We offer flower, oils, soft gels and pre-rolls. Our edibles currently available include chocolate bars, teas, mints and fruit chew candies. They are pre measured in terms of serving size and pre-dosed for THC / CBD. We are waiting on cannabis beverages including beers, sparkling wine, and concentrates (for adding to water); and in the future will be offering extracts, topical, and vapes. We offer a wide range of cannabis accessories and good advice,” said Stevens. It was recommended that people keep plants away from their pets, and overall audience members said they learned a lot. Library books were also on display for those looking to learn more.

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