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Work-Stress-Life “Striking A Balance” Conference

Approximately 290 people attended the 4th Annual Work-Stress-Life “Striking A Balance” Conference at the Vermilion Regional Centre on January 22. Participants had the opportunity to hear from multiple speakers and visit wellness vendors and agencies. Participants came from St. Paul, Edgerton, Wainwright, Lloydminster, Camrose, St. Brides, and Outlook Saskatchewan. There were several door prizes, and even a mini session for college students in the evening. Michelle Hamilton said, “Forgiveness sets the prisoner free, and the prisoner is me,” which struck home for some of the audience members. Dr, Jody Carrington said, “Face to face connection is the key to emotional regulation. The more less-disconnected we become, the less we show our children how to be kind, etc. Conflict is a part of relationship. Grief is universal. Mourning is done in relationship and connection; in the stories and legacy; in laughter and crying when gathering. If you do not mourn, you stay stuck in grief. Mourning is how you heal. The biggest challenge we face as leaders in a community trying to do better is creating human connection. Great leaders connect before they ever teach. Personal contact decreases cortisol and increases oxytocin and dopamine. In leadership, you are wired to do hard things. Everything you have right now is all you need. I recommend staying connected to your team. I’ve always found that the best leaders have the hard conversations.” Committee member, Leanne Martin said, “Breaking the attendance record shows the high caliber of our speakers. I think people are starting to realize that mental health is as important as the rest of your health, We’d like to thank everyone for coming and would love to have everyone back next year. Thank you as well to the whole community who is amazing.”

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