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Snow Seekers

Snow Seekers were in Vermilion working on a production showcasing Vermilion’s options for winter wellness on January 24 - 25. Snow Seekers are a branch of Seekers Media and provide an online digital magazine/video platform where they promote winter sport, outdoor and travel media through a collaborative effort with tourism organizations in Northeastern Alberta. For approximately six years, Seekers Media has been working with Vermilion’s economic development office to leverage tourism promotion and encourage the community’s prosperity. Snow Seekers Brody Jones and Jeremy Derksen completed a campaign for the region and embarked on an eight day expedition including skiing and many other experiences. You can follow their journey at #SkiNorthAB. This time, their adventures included features of cross country skiing at the Vermilion Provincial Park, classes at Lighten Up Therapy, the Red Brick, Copper Cork Distillery, and shots of downtown Vermilion. “Through our efforts over the years we’ve engaged (story reads, video views, social media likes/shares) from well over 250,000 travellers and those who could even move to town - about the experiences to be had year round within the community. As you know it’s important to stay active through these months, and with the top notch Vermilion Provincial Park – it’s an opportunity that those from Edmonton, Lloydminster and Saskatoon need to know about!” said Jim Barr, Seekers Media producer and founder of the company. According to Sandra Kathnelson, Vermilion Provincial Park is home to great facilities and great trails, and the Vermilion Nordic Ski Team includes several families and a few very competitive skiers. She went on to thank coach, Vaughn Cooper for working with the race team. Eighteen-year-old Sam Ree has been cross country skiing since he was four and now competes on Team Alberta. He went on to say that skiing has been the biggest thing in his life, and that he is aspiring to go top 10 at Nationals the next couple years. “I live in Alberta and am a long time downhill skier and have been in media for a long time. Though I have travelled many areas, I have not experienced them in depth. The communities are really welcoming and it has been a spectacular experience! I don’t visit Northeast Alberta often in winter, but it is always a surprise that there is a lot to do everywhere in Alberta in the winter. It’s great to get out and explore,” said Jeremy Derksen who went on to describe that the fun to be had works to alleviate the long, cold winter. You can view a video clip of theirs at

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