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St. Jerome’s Carnival

St. Jerome’s School held their Annual Carnival in Vermilion on March 5. Hundreds of people gathered to support the students, and enjoyed the evening of festivities. “We would like to thank the donors for the silent auction items, and Mr. Wheat and the Grade 10 Leadership Class. It is the first year he had done it and they did a bang-up job,” said Principal Allan Chase. He went on to say the the funds will be going towards leadership activities including a conference, sports, and cultural activities within the school. Children and their families enjoyed the auction, featuring a St. Jerome’s fire pit custom made by Kenilworth Combustion. Activities included a sweet shop and tea room, fish pond, Bozo the clown, The Cat In The Hat Ring Toss, Plinko, junior and senior Hoopla, How the Grinch Stole the Cakes, and Green Eggs and Ham. The many games and prizes filled the children’s eyes with excitement.

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