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Handling Stress In Uncertain Times

We are navigating a seriously uncertain time right now. A good first step when handling unprecedented stress is to acknowledge where you are at. Try to sit with how you are coping emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Notice where this is most difficult for you. Accepting where we are at and being gentle with ourselves helps to relieve the pressure to “have it all figured out”. Repeat after me, “there is no one right way to experience a pandemic.” period. With less expectations of ourselves and others we can breathe a little easier. A simple breathing exercise is to consciously breathe. I know this sounds silly but stay with me here. Breathing is something we do automatically so bringing your full attention to your breath helps with circulation, improves digestion, and calms the nervous system which helps the mind to feel more relaxed and in control. So breathe in and breathe out. Do this for at least 10 full breaths. Notice the sensations like the rise and fall of your belly or the way your body feels with each breath cycle. Emotion is energy in motion. Shame and guilt around emotions can prevent from feeling and letting go. Movement can help us release pent up emotions and can help us reset; getting the body out of fight/flight/freeze and into rest/heal/digest. So think of some of the ways you can get things moving through your body. Yoga, running, dancing, cleaning (hey this works for some!), crying (there’s a reason they call it cathartic), or conscious breathing/breathwork. We believe there is no right way to create movement in the body. Spontaneous or static; whatever you decide is perfect! If you are expecting a baby and feel anxious about your situation you can contact your care provider or the hospital you will be delivering at to stay up to date with the plans and protocols they have in place. Know that grieving the way you thought pregnancy and birth would look is normal. Commit to supporting yourself in your experience by: preparing frozen meals, or coordinating a freezer meal porch delivery. Put together a postpartum package: combine some of your favourite things that you can gift to yourself afterwards. Talk to your partner about expectations: how will you delegate your time? Energy? How can you prioritize rest and healing? Talking about these things before the baby fog hits is a great way to set yourselves up to win. If you would like to get even more support, Chelsea Snelgrove is now offering online or distance doula services. Check us out on Instagram and on our Facebook page @Self Centered Yoga & Wellness for more tips to support your health and wellbeing. We also are offering an online platform that you can access by donation. This includes videos on Yoga, Meditation, group BodyTalk, and breathing techniques. Contact us at 780-549-9559 or for details on how to join the page.

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