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Vermilion Public Library Offering Curbside Pickup

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The Vermilion Public Library has begun offering curbside pickup, and details of how the model works can be found at The website also outlines the precautions they are taking to make it a safe experience. According to manager, Stuart Pauls, customers can place a request on the online catalogue or call 780-853-4288 or email the library at When the items are ready for pickup, they will contact the customer to setup a pickup appointment, during which items can be picked up from the metal cart outside the front door. Because items are already signed out to customers, there is no staff contact or need to verify a library card. Currently they can only loan the resources that that they have in house. Pauls said, “We can verify that our items on hand are clean and safe to lend, but introducing items from other libraries is a bigger issue that has yet to be sorted out. We have not changed any of the restrictions on borrowing, so patrons are still limited to 25 items per card and can borrow whatever they see in the online catalogue that belongs to Vermilion.” He noted that board trustees and staff have gone to an extraordinary amount of research, planning, and discussion about how to implement this program safely. On their first day of offering this service, they filled up nearly all of their pickup appointments slots. Pauls feels that the program is working well so far and said they were happy to receive positive feedback from their users who were happy to borrow library material again. To make things easy for their patrons the board has announced free library memberships for anyone who wishes to access their online resources like e-books, audiobooks, and databases. To get a free card, you can call or email the Vermilion Public Library. They have also suspended all late fees. He went on to say that although they welcome their users to return borrowed material when they are finished with it, safety is the number one priority, so returning it when customers can or when we the Library reopens to the public again is acceptable. “I hope that the community can use this opportunity to become informed about the wonderful resources we have in town. Though many of them have seen their facilities closed, agencies just like ours are showing their dedication to the community in coming up the new and innovative ways to meet community needs. I wish all the best to those trying to provide service to meet the needs of our town,” said Pauls.

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