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Webbs's Machinery Grow Business

Webb’s Machinery assumed ownership of Tri-Ag Implements in Wainwright, Consort, and St. Paul on March 16. According to Webb’s Machinery president, Scott Webb, the opportunity came about after they were approached by the owner of Tri-Ag in January. After expressing interest, they completed inventory, assessments, etc. throughout February and March. “This was an ideal opportunity because their locations surrounded our current location in Vermilion, making it a good strategic move to purchase the businesses. It was an opportunity that we felt we needed to take advantage of,” said Scott Webb. He was pleased that most of the transition had taken place prior to COVID-19, and said they weren’t as restricted having all of their evaluations done ahead of time. They have since adopted all of the same social distancing practices at their new locations that they use in their other Webb’s Group of Companies’ locations. They try to make sure their staff and customers respect all of the precautions suggested and he noted that having been deemed an essential service, that they have experienced business more or less as usual. When asked if the current staff would be kept on, he said that most staff were offered their positions and nearly all of them accepted. Webb’s Machinery has been serving the community for the past 87 years. Started by his grandfather, George Webb Sr., Scott is very happy to be able to grow the company and to continue the legacy for his children and grandchildren. Webb’s Machinery is also expanding their Vermilion facility with 12,000 square feet of additional workshop as well as expanded office space. “It’s a very substantial expansion, and we look forward to continuing to serve the community,” said Webb.

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