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Happy 4th Birthday, Sam Kinoti!

Sam Kinoti enjoying his birthday celebration. Photo Elaina John

On May 26, United Church Minister Andrew Kinoti’s son, Sam Kinoti, celebrated his 4th birthday with a drive-by social distance celebration.

Members of the church and community arrived at 6:30 p.m. to line up in a parade-like procession to drive past and wave at the birthday boy, some offering balloons and presents. Andrew notes that it was members of the church who offered to organize a drive-by celebration, and that they were more than happy to send out invitations, take pictures, and support Sam on his special day- despite being unable to celebrate traditionally. “It’s not how we would usually celebrate, but I think this is more memorable for him [Sam].” Andrew Kinoti states. “It is a lovely, lovely day... We appreciate the community.”

The turnout was extravagant; as attendees of the church, other members of the community, and even a few police officers drove past to wave.

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