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Wainwright Is “Undeniably A Better Place” Thanks To 2020 Rhapsody Award Recipient

Dr. Beverly Brilz. Photo courtesy of Zak McLachlan, Wainwright Star News

Following a review of the outstanding candidates nominated this year, the RhPAP Board of Directors has endorsed Dr. Beverly Brilz of Wainwright as the 2020 recipient of the Rhapsody Physician Award. The Rhapsody Physician Award recognizes the contributions of rural physicians, especially those unsung heroes, who provide Alberta rural communities with outstanding patient care, and who make notable contributions to both medical practice and their communities. Dr. Brilz was selected based on the extent of both of her medical and community contributions, as well as the numerous testimonials received reflecting her dedication to her patients, her health-care team, and to the broader community. “It is clew from the letters that accompanied the nomination for this award that Dr. Brilz is—to quote one community member—’an amazing and integral part of the rural community,’ says Bernard C. Anderson, RhPAP Executive Director. “She has helped enhance the quality of health care in Wainwright through the care she offers her patients and the work she does behind the scenes within the health system.” Dr. Brilz has demonstrated great leadership during her 38 years of practice in Wainwright, serving as Physician Lead and Board Chair of the local Primary Care Network, a former chief of staff for the Wainwright Health Centre, a champion of the MORE OB Program, and a key supporter of the transition of the health centre into a rural stroke centre with one of the first portable CT machines in the world. Wainwright’s school playgrounds and parks, art project initiatives and festivals, nurses’ banquet and firefighters’ ball., football program, and theatre, are just a few of the projects that have benefitted from Dr. Brilz’s extensive fundraising, committee, and volunteer efforts. “Wainwright will be forever grateful for Dr. Brilz and her contributions towards making our town a great place to live,” explained one community member. “The community is undeniably a better place for Dr. Brilz having been such an important part of it.”

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