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Vermilion Elementary School "Cruises Into Summer"

Attendees wave as they pass by the Cruising Into Summer parade. Photos Elaina John

The last day of school for Vermilion Elementary School (VES) students was Friday, June 19. Since VES was unable to have a conventional celebration for their students, the school organized a “Cruising Into Summer” reverse parade. “It was just so nice for all of the staff to be able to see our students on their last day of online learning,” comments VES staff Janna McLaughlin, “It was a fun way to end the school year.” Participants of the reverse parade consisted of VES staff, the Vermilion RCMP Department, the Vermilion Fire Department, and members of the community exhibiting vintage cars for VES students to see. Some VES families drove past while others walked or biked past the parade participants to wave and briefly visit at a distance.

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