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Alberta And Saskatchewan Fishing Regulations

Vermilion Trout Pond. Photo Elaina John

Due to the varying zones and regulations throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, it may be hard to keep track of which regulations apply to a certain area. In Alberta, there are three different zones: 1, the Eastern Slopes, 2, Parkland-Prairie, and 3, Northern Boreal. Zone 2 as described by, “consists approximately of the southeastern quarter of the province, east of Highway 2 from the Montana border to the North Saskatchewan River,” making Vermilion and area part of Zone 2. In Zone 2, lakes are open all year. Streams in Zone 2 are open from May to March (specific dates depending on the year), and bait in both streams and lakes are permitted unless otherwise posted, with the exception of live bait. Annual fishing licences are not required for individuals under 16, or anyone of treaty status. Licences are also not required for Alberta residents over 65. Licence prices vary for Alberta residents and non-residents. In Saskatchewan, there are three zones: southern, central, and northern. The southern zone covers all of south Saskatchewan reaching up to Pierceland. Bait fishing in the southern zone of Saskatchewan is permitted so long it is not live and is proven to be without viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS). The use of barbed hooks is prohibited in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. For more information about local fishing regulations, fish limits etc, call the Vermilion Fish and Wildlife Office at 780-853-8137. For more information about fishing regulations in Saskatchewan, call 1-800-567-4224.

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