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The Race Of Vermilion Success

Team Dutch Blitz, first place winners of the Race of Vermilion. Photo Submitted.

The day was a great success! Being that we are making our best efforts to respect the regulations set out during the re-opening of Alberta, we limited the number of teams and ensured that we encouraged the current social distancing expectations. Advertising for the event was only done locally, so we did not have the mass amount of people that we had in the past. Even so, it was still a great opportunity to encourage people to learn more about our businesses and attractions. A list of 90 tasks were sent out to the participants via email, which they completed throughout town (mostly through signage posted on the outside of the business), home, and online. We began the Race at noon and ended it at 4 p.m. All tasks were submitted to me through photos and videos online. The feedback about the day was great and people really enjoyed themselves. It was a fun way to spend family time, as we allowed for all ages to be able to participate this year and reduced the team entry fee to $50 + gst per team, as opposed to per person. A lot of people wished we had went longer for the Race since they were enjoying it so much, but with all entries being received by email, the time limit helped to make the day more manageable. I’m very thankful for the participants, the volunteers, the businesses, and the community for ensuring that the Good Life Institute can continue to bring fun and exciting events to Vermilion, even among these uncertain times. Though we had to change the format for this year to accommodate a safer atmosphere, including cancellation of the reception, everyone had a positive attitude and created a wonderful, action packed day. The winners were as follows: 3rd place: Gourley Group - 1,915 points (Darlene Gourley and kids). 2nd place: Breef Broff - 2,445 points (Cathy Bolton, Janet Rogers, Jo Tichkowsky, and Jessie Ramsey). 1st place: Dutch Blitz - 2,810 points (Jacqueline Vandermeer, Rus Van Boom, Stephanie Van Boom, William Vandermeer, and Warren McAuley).

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