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Community Member Don Henry Retires

Don Henry, 2014. Photo Vermilion Voice

After 38 years, community member Don Henry is retiring from his job at Lakeland College. Henry spent most of his time (36 years) at the college teaching heavy duty and automotive mechanics. “I will miss the students the most, along with my fellow instructors, I will miss the team work,” Henry states, “When you only have eight weeks to finish a programme there is a lot of pressure. It was fun.” He also spent two years in the College’s vehicle maintenance department. Henry has been heavily involved in the Cadet program in Vermilion, for almost 20 years. He also states that he has received much support from the college in relation to his involvement with Cadets. “I was pleased that I was able to work very close with our fire school and the great instructors there, like Bob Fisher,” Henry mentions. Ham radios are also a great interest to Henry, and he has been involved with the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) and was a part of the ARRL Field Day event on June 27-28. Henry expresses a fondness of Lakeland College, emphasising its importance to Vermilion. “This College is very important to the success of our town. Our town is very important to the success of the College. The College will always be changing. We must support this college.”

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