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Cruther's Berry Farm Ready For Picking

Cruther’s Berry Farm is located west of Lakeland College. Photos Elaina John

Cruthers Berry Farm is ready for an abundant season this year, and the strawberries are ready for picking! The Elliotts’ added the strawberry patches after buying the farm, there is a two-acre spot which totals to approximately 5000 individual strawberry plants. The strawberry variety is an Everbearing Seascape strawberry, which means the plant is particularly resilient and grows for longer than the average strawberry and can continue growth through frost. This year strawberries are available in the following form: u-pick for $20/basket or we-pick for $25/basket. Cruthers has three different varieties of Saskatoons, which are Northline, Smoky, and Honeywood. “The customers really like the Honeywood variety” Tim comments. Weather permitting, the Saskatoons should be ready for picking within the next week. They also have two varieties of raspberries; Boyne and Red Mammoth, and they will be ready in mid-August. Cruthers Berry farm has enjoyed annual clientele, and the Elliotts’ would like to thank Vermilion at this time for the community support they’ve received. Cruthers also has corn, potatoes, carrots, and cherries, which will be available later in the year. Due to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, individuals interested in picking berries at the farm are asked to make an appointment for picking, either via facebook or simply call at 780-853-4223.

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