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Firefighting Programming At Lakeland College

Firefighting program scheduling at Lakeland College has looked a little different this year. The basic firefighting program began in March, and two weeks into the program, COVID-19 changed everything. Swiftly, the college set up an online learning environment for fire school students, but the program was still eventually cancelled, as was the various other emergency services programs Lakeland College typically runs throughout the summer. With things in the province slowly reopening, Lakeland College was able to resume emergency services programs. On July 20, the college ran a week-long fire extinguisher maintenance program, and on July 27, were able to begin their usual 12 week firefighter training program, which sets the end date of the program to October 16. This scheduling is the typical scheduling for Lakeland College’s third firefighter training program, but due to COVID-19, was the only one the college was able to continue in consideration of governmental restrictions and regulations. Like all Lakeland College programming, the firefighter training program will follow COVID-19 guidelines with social distancing measures in effect and mask-wearing requirements.

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