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Lakeland College Programming This Fall

Lakeland College Alumni Hall. Photo Elaina John

Lakeland College is returning in the fall with a blended learning experience. Due to COVID-19, the college has revised occupancy loads and have various measures in place to ensure social distancing guidelines are met. Classrooms will have fewer students with desks and work areas spaced out according to the six-foot government recommendation, with plexiglass barriers directional guides in high traffic areas. As well, Lakeland College will have a campus-wide mask wearing requirement. Despite lower occupancies in physical classrooms, Lakeland College will be able to take on the same amount of students in each class as usual. Students will be on rotation between in-person classes and online streams. Labs and other immersive learning environments will be socially-distanced as well. “We’re excited to be able to work with all the guidelines and still be able to provide the same quality of hands-on experiences that Lakeland is known for,” explained Georgina Altman, Vice President of External Relations and Infrastructure at Lakeland College. Residence at the College will be open, but occupancy will be lower, with specific kitchen schedules. Residents at Lakeland are expected to meet stricter cleaning requirements. Lakeland College will also be offering masks and hand sanitizer at the book store.

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